Code slowly rotates Akali as Akali’s fursuit dangles down and gently tickles Code’s face. "Stop, stop goddamn you!" he asks as Code starts to go faster.. Code wants Akali to be punished.
"No, faster Akali, faster! Just a few more hours and you’ll be back to a complete furry! Mwuahahahaha!" he shouts as he initiates full speed rotation. Akali’s fursuit has now ripped off leaving only his naked body. They hear a knock on the door.
"Hey boys, I’m here." they hear in none other than Bryan’s voice. Akali wants this to stop, but can’t seem to reason with them; Bryan hops on for the ride. "Did somebody say Ride?!", rwn says as he jumps through the window to see everyone rotating Akali...
"This, this must be the work of..." he whispers to himself. "Stop right there!", an unknown voice shouts from a distance. The others don’t stop, but rwn is intent on saving Akali. As rwn attempts to stop Akali’s never-ending rotation; a paw grabs his hand.
"You... you again" rwn says. Slythpaw walks out from the night’s shadow.
Suddenly, Code notices the buldge in Slyth's pants.
Code: OwO What's this?